Saturday, October 10, 2015

September 10, 2015
1.0   Welcome and Introductions
  1. At 7:30 p.m. President Marianne Cole welcomed all those in attendance and called the meeting to order.  All those in attendance introduced themselves.
2.0   Approval of Agenda
      2.  Items 6.3, 6.4, 6.5, 6.6 and 6.7 were added to the agenda.  Pat Warkentin made a motion to approve the agenda.  Al Gates seconded.  Carried.
3.0   Adoption of Minutes of the Previous Meeting
      3.     Minutes of the previous meeting were adopted as recorded.  Moved by Jack Leslie.  Seconded by Ken Qually.  Carried.
4.0   Financial Report
      4.   Sharon Rubeling read the financial report.  Pat Warkentin moved that the financial statements be accepted as presented.  Coral Ahlstrom seconded.  Carried.
5.0   Business Arising From the Minutes
     5.1  FOIP request for CAO salary & reply – further action?  The salary was discussed. Ken Qually made a motion to write a letter asking why Ron Leaf’s salary increase is not recorded in the minutes and how many employees benefit from MuniSERP.  Bob Brattberg seconded.  Carried.
     5.2  Meeting with Bunch’s  –the annexation of land was discussed with CCTA members.
     5.3  Strategic plan – Open houses were held and input has been submitted.  No final report has been posted on county website.
     5.4  CCTA website/blog set up.  The taxpayer website address is  Newsletters have been posted on the site.  It was discussed  if the CCTA agenda and minutes be posted on the site as well. Pat Warkentin moved that the agendas be posted on the site and the minutes after approval.  Marlene Brattberg seconded.  Carried.
   5.5  Letter to the minister of municipal affairs – a letter was written concerning the purchase of land by the county.
   5.6  Investigation into directors insurance – 1,000,000 coverage has been quoted at 600.00 per year for directors & officers.  Ken Qually moved to table a decision on directors insurance until more quotes are received.  Lawrence Stewart seconded.  Carried.
6.0   New Business
    6.1   Report on county council meetings and new communications committee.  Helge Nome reported that several mistakes have been made on the arena expansion and is now 3 million over budget.  Red Deer College is seeking 1.4 million for a new sports facility.  The county is forming a committee for communications – internet development in the county.
    6.2   Plans for annual meeting – November 12.  Don Bester has agreed to speak about property rights re:  oil leases.  Bonnie Carson moved that we have Don speak at our annual meeting and will be held at Leslieville Elks Hall.  Ken Qually seconded.  Carried.  It was suggested that we contact the reeve from Brazeau County to speak at an upcoming meeting.  
    6.3  Traffic issue at Arbutus.  The supervisor for county traffic officers was observed passing two vehicles on the Arbutus road on a double solid line.  This incident was reported to protective services and the incident was dismissed by Ted Hickey.
    6.4  Business Cards.  There was a discussion about making CCTA business cards.  It was decided that 500 cards will be printed and contain  the CCTA name, meeting times and the website and will state that we are a group of concerned rural taxpayers.  Jack Leslie made a motion to print the cards.  Seconded by Jim Foesier.  Carried.
   6.5  Water Reservoir.  There is a proposed 40 acre water reservoir proposed to hold water for fracking.
   6.6  Land purchase.  Was discussed previously.
   6.7  Bonnie Carson wrote a letter to premier in August.  Bonnie read a letter received from Premier Rachel Notley.  Bonnie recommended visiting the website
   8.0  Next meeting October 8, 2015 at 7:30 p.m.

    9.0  Adjournment.   Laverne Ahlstrom moved the meeting be adjourned at 9:52 p.m.