Sunday, January 24, 2016

October 8, 2015
1.0   Welcome and Introductions
  1. At 7:30 p.m. President Marianne Cole welcomed all those in attendance and called the meeting to order.  All those in attendance introduced themselves.
2.0   Approval of Agenda
      2.  Items 6.5 and 7.1 were added to the agenda.  Ken Qually made a motion to approve the agenda.  Dan Warkentin seconded.  Carried.
3.0   Adoption of Minutes of the Previous Meeting
      3.     Minutes of the previous meeting were adopted as recorded with name corrections. Moved by Laverne Ahlstrom.  Seconded by Lawrence Stewart.  Carried.
4.0   Financial Report
      4.   Sharon Rubeling read the financial report.  Jack Leslie moved that the financial statements be accepted as presented.  Dennis Ross seconded.  Carried.
5.0   Business Arising From the Minutes
     5.1  Letter to council – No reply as of this date.  It was discussed how to deal with letters written to county council.  Marianne Cole will check with municipal affairs regarding the process of recording of votes and rules for recording motions and votes.
     5.2  Business Cards  –Business cards from Weststitch Advertising are priced at $164.00 for black and white and $236.00 for color.  Dennis Ross made a motion to purchase black and white cards.  Jack Leslie seconded.  Carried.
Helge Nome will inquire about putting a link to our website on the Wehub.
     5.3  Annual Meeting.  Don Bester to speak at our annual meeting.  Speaker remuneration was discussed.  Ken Qually made a motion to give the speaker $100.00.  Helge Nome seconded.  Carried.
     5.4  Reeve from Brazeau County – Marianne Cole will contact the Reeve to see if he is able to speak at our January 14, 2016 meeting.
   5.5  Directors/Officer Insurance – Ing & McKee Insurance provides the same insurance as the Intact insurance quote.  Marianne Cole will check into this further.
6.0   New Business
    6.1   Report on county council meetings.  Helge Nome reported that the Communications committee is still being set up.  Linear taxation is a concern for the county as they could stand to lose valuable tax revenue.  Helge Nome made a motion for Marianne Cole to write a letter to the minister of Municipal Affairs supporting our county in opposing linear pooling with cc: copies to our MLA and Reeve Pat Alexander.  Seconded by Ken Qually.  Carried.
There was discussion concerning county council meeting minutes and committee minutes publication.  Committees are required to follow the same rules and regulations as council meetings and record minutes. There is the question of why reports from council members that sit on committees are not given? There also seems to be a delay in posting meeting minutes.
    6.2   Speaker from Municipal Affairs on municipal transparency.  A list of questions that we need answered needs to be completed.  They are to be booked at a future date.
    6.3  Large ticket handed out to a local farmer.  The matter of a large ticket being given to a local farmer for being overweight and a 1 ½ hour delay in harvest was discussed.
    6.4  December meeting.  It was discussed and decided that there will not be a meeting held in December.
   6.5  Water Conference.  Sharon Rubeling gave an interesting report on a water symposium in Banff that she attended that discussed water, air quality and climate change.  Water decisions made locally impact a much larger area.
 7.0 Open Forum.
        7.1  Concerns were brought forward that Di-Corp has not followed the agreement set out by the appeal decision.  It was stated in the agreement that trees have to be planted prior to operation as well as signs for engine brakes and an air monitoring system. Trees have been planted very recently.  Has an air monitoring system been installed and have there been any reports to the county?
8.0  Next meeting November 12 @ 7:00 p.m.

9.0  Ken Qually made a motion for adjournment @ 9:50 p.m.