Friday, March 24, 2017

FEBRUARY 9, 2017
1.0   Welcome and introductions

  1. At 7:05 p.m. President Marianne Cole welcomed all those in attendance.  Those in attendance introduced themselves.

2.0   Approval of Agenda 
    2.  Item 6.6, 6.7, and 6.8 were added to the agenda. Marlene Brattberg moved that we approve the agenda as presented.  Dennis Ross seconded.  Carried.
3.0   Minutes of the last Meeting 
   3.  Marianne Cole read minutes of January 12, 2017 meeting.  Trish Bingham moved that minutes be approved as recorded.  Dan Warkentin seconded.  Carried.
  1.   Financial Report
   4.   Pat Butler read the financial report.  Pat Butler moved that the financial statements be accepted as presented.  Dennis Anderson seconded.  Carried. 
  1.   Business arising from the minutes

    1. Letter to Pat Alexander re: joint meeting.  A letter had been sent January 19, 2017 to Pat Alexander requesting a meeting with him and Curt Maki in regards to not receiving any responses to our letters addressing our concerns.  A reply to the letter was not received so Marianne and Dan spoke to Pat and Curt on January 24, 2017 to set up a meeting.  Pat and Curt felt that Ron Leaf should be included as well.  They are to let Marianne know when a time works for them.  
5.2 A concern was brought forward by a member regarding not getting a reply from the county when concerns are raised with his own personal experience.  Messages are left with staff and calls are not returned. 

  1. New business
    1. Joint Town/County Council Meeting January 24, 2017.  At the joint meeting on January 24, 2017, council went “in camera” to discuss the Joint Service Agreement regarding the water and wastewater development.  No decision was made.  The county and town are waiting on more information before making a decision. 
    2. County Open House and Information Meeting February 16, 2017.  There will be an open house and meeting held February 16, 2017 for the Clearwater-North Rocky Major Area Structure Plan.  This meeting will be held at the Subway room in the Christianson Center.  Open house from 6:30 – 7:30pm.  Meeting 7:30 - 8:30pm.
    3. Information article re:  above for the Western Star?  Discussion took place about the need for the public to have more information about the proposed development.  Trish Bingham made a motion to put information in the Western Star about the proposed development with the heading “When is enough enough?” Robert Brattberg seconded.  Carried.
    4. Leslieville/Condor Fire Hall update.  Council has decided to go forward with the process of buying land for the new firehall.
    5. Invitation to councilors to attend our meetings.  Discussion took place about having county councilors attend our meetings.  Ken Qually moved that all councilors are given an invitation to attend CCTA meetings.  Lawrence Stewart seconded.  Carried.
    6. Letter from Municipal Affairs.  Marianne Cole sent a letter to Municipal Affairs on February 8, 2017 with our concerns with some concerns regarding the Joint Services Agreement.  A reply was received February 9, 2017.
    7. Ken Qually announced a candidate that will run in the next county election in Division 2.  He introduced Cammie Liard and she gave an outline of why she will be running.
    8. Elections.  Discussion took place about council elections and limiting the Reeve position to two terms.

  1. Next meeting March  9, 2017 @ 7:00pm.

  1. Adjournment. Motion to adjourn was made by Dan Warkentin @ 9:05 p.m.  Seconded by Dennis Anderson.

Note: These are the October 13, 2016 Meeting Minutes

October 13, 2016
Leslieville Elks Hall

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  1. At 7:30 PM President Marianne Cole welcomed all those in attendance and called the meeting to order.  All those in attendance introduced themselves.   There were 16 members in attendance.
  1. Approval of agenda
Apologies as I did not record who moved to adopt the agenda as presented with additions and who seconded them..
  1. Adoption of Minutes of the Previous Meeting
  1. Minutes of the previous meeting of  September 8, 2016 were read by Marianne Cole.  Jack Leslie moved the minutes be adopted as recorded. Seconded by Ron Schultz.  Carried
  1. Financial Report
  1. The financials were read and adopted by Ron Schultz and Dennis Ross seconded
  1. Business arising from the Minutes
5.1 Regarding letters sent to the county – at this time no replies had been received. The letters sent on June 17 asking for more transparency and letter dated September 6 asking for more lead time with the agenda;  Marianne to follow up.  Dan Wokentin moved that CCTA send a letter to the county requesting the County to review their timeline for sending out their agenda’s to the councillors in a more timely manner.  Dan would still like to see at least a week for the councillors to review before meeting. Marlene Brattberg seconded
5.2 FOIP request was made however no response as yet.  Sent in September 22, 2016.  Marianne read out the letter sent for information regarding Caroline/Rocky Airport. The County had until October 24, 2016 to respond.

5.3 Municipal review:   Marianne received a letter stating that CCTA will not be involved in this review.  She received a call on October 12, 2016 stating that it is common for the preliminary review to only have a few people involved.  They also sent a letter Oct. 13, 2016 which was read out at our meeting. They have a record of all our calls from the last 2 years and that they will be bringing this information to their meetings.  We may have a response by Christmas.  We are hopeful they see the need to delve further into the working of our County.

5.4 Annual Meeting;   It was determined that the annual meeting would be held on November 10, 2016 at 7 PM at the Elks hall in Leslieville.  We have guest speaker Jason Nixon coming to talk to the members.

5.5 Dan wanted clarification regarding some of the County Financials.  They are not clear to the average taxpayer.
Marianne to add to the letter to the County asking for a definition of “Long term debt”.  Why when we have a surplus are we not paying the debt off instead of paying huge interest payments.

  1. NEW Business
    1. Council meeting notes – Helge’s notes were discussed.  The increase in salaries was brought up at council and Theresa Laing asking for a hold.  They turned it down.
    2. Discussed meeting with Nordegg.  This meeting was very positive. It was held October 12, 2016 , the notes from that meeting were read out to the members.  Nordegg wanted to clear the air with CCTA.  It appears the County is holding their community back, they will not allow them to use the school/firehall for meetings.  County constantly putting up roadblocks to the community of Nordegg.   It was suggested that CCTA write a letter of support.  This will be added to the main letter Marianne is constructing.

  1. Open Forum
    1. Jack Leslie spoke about the waste authority and some of its inner workings. It is ½ county and ½ town funded.
    2. Ken Qually is concerned about the by-law wording regarding parking in sub-divisions. It is not clear as to whom it will affect and how can they control what you park on your own property?  Marianne to put in our letter to County asking for “clarification” re: “sub-division” parking laws.
    3. County Elections are coming up -  Laverne Ahlstrom wanted people to start thinking about who they want back on council and to start lobbying people they feel would make a difference.

  1. Next Meeting November 10, 2016 .   There will be no December 2016 meeting.

Meeting was adjorned at 9:50 PM by Dan and seconded by Dennis