Sunday, October 2, 2016

JULY 14, 2016
1.0   Welcome and Introductions
  1. At 7:00 p.m. President Marianne Cole welcomed all those in attendance and called the meeting to order.  All those in attendance introduced themselves.
2.0   Approval of Agenda
      2.   Marion Schafer moved that the agenda be adopted as presented Dan Warkentin seconded.  Carried.
3.0   Adoption of Minutes of the Previous Meeting
      3.     Minutes of the previous meeting of June 16, 2016 were read by Marianne Cole.  Dan Warkentin noted an omission in the minutes of the vote in the previous meeting.  Previous minutes to be amended with the result of the vote.  Minutes were adopted as recorded with the amendment.  Moved by Dan Warkentin.  Seconded by Ken Qually.  Carried.  
4.0   Financial Report
      4.   Marianne Cole read the financial report. Ken Qually moved that the financial statements be accepted as presented.  Dennis Ross seconded.  Carried.  Marianne Cole made a motion to reimburse Trish Bingham for the purchase of a gift certificate for Sharon Rubeling bereavement.  Laverne Ahlstrom moved.  Marion Schafer seconded.  Carried.
5.0   Business Arising From the Minutes
     5.1   Letter to council.  A letter was written to council on June 17, 2016 with our notice of support for the improvement of telecommunications in the county, concerns with the land development on the Airport Road and assessing taxpayer support. There is no reply from council as of today.
     5.2   Notice in this week’s papers re:  future open houses.  There was a notice published in this week’s papers regarding opening house meetings being scheduled for this fall.

  6.0   New Business
    6.1   Letter from Dan Warkentin.  Dan Warkentin requested that item 6.1 be  added to the agenda to discuss concerns with communication to and from councillors.  Council has expressed the desire to increase communication but it is vague and lacks specifics.  Our discussion focused on the time that councillors have to go over the agenda for upcoming meetings.  They are given the agenda on Friday for the meeting on Tuesday.  The MGA minimum requirement is 2 working days.  There needs to be research into what other counties have for a timeline between the agenda and the meetings.  It was decided to write a letter to council commending them on their efforts to increase communication and expressing our concerns with the short period of time for councillors to make decisions.  Councillors need to have adequate time to do research and confer with constituents before making decisions.  Dan Warkentin made a motion to draft a letter to council.  Trish Bingham seconded.  Carried.
    6.2  Report from July 12 council meeting. (Helge Nome). 
  • There was a presentation to council by Xplornet for an internet provider.  Xplornet is a Canada-wide rural provider.
  • Funding of James River Bridge.  An engineering study has been done and council voted to fix the bridge.
  • There is a special council meeting July 27 at 9 a.m. to discuss council’s priorities.
  • All letters that CCTA writes will be sent to Helge to be posted on the CCTA blog.
   6.3  Phone call from John Vandermeer.  John Vandermeer called with compliments on the Western Star wrap and appreciation of letter of support.
    6.4  FOIPP request re:  Land purchase steps – maybe prep for municipal review?  Ken Qually made a motion to table.  Terry Murphy seconded.  Carried.
   7.0   Open Forum. 
      7.1  Roses:  Prairie Creek Road mowing – Lawrence Stewart
     7.2  Municipal Review Concerns.  There are concerns that the review is going to be independent.  It is suggested that members write down questions and concerns for the reviewers.
   8.0  Next Meetings:  September 8, 2016 @ 7:30 p.m. and October 13, 2016 @ 7:30 p.m.

    9.0 Adjournment.   Dan Warkentin moved the meeting be adjourned at 9:45 p.m.  Gil Perreault seconded.

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